01. Magic Mirror

Help customers find the perfect glasses

If you want to streamline the process of selecting glasses and provide a better customer experience, the Magic Mirror app is the perfect solution.

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Innovative face scan technology

Every face scan takes just 6 seconds

Improve conversion rates by 31%

Reduce time & effort by 25%

Maximise shopping efficiency

Reduce returns

02. Lens Assistant

Simulate lenses like never before

Enhance customer experience through the use of augmented reality simulations, allowing for a deeper understanding and examination of lenses.

Personalize the in-store experience

Easily show patients lens options with Lens Assistant – save time, money, and offer an authentic personalized experience.

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03. eCommerce

Empower customers to make decisions

Provide your customers with the tools and information they need to make informed and confident decisions, resulting in a positive and memorable shopping experience.

Enhance your brand identity

Maximize your customer engagement through immersive and interactive journeys. Unleash the full potential of your brand and create a truly unique and memorable experience for your customers.

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04. Optical measurements

Revolutionize the measurement process

Our digital solution eliminates the need for any accessories, providing you with a fast and accurate experience that saves time and ensures precision. Upgrade your optical measurement process today with our 100% digital solution.

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