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“The specialized knowledge Ditar have is extremely high, and everyone that we were in contact with was highly motivated to help us find the best solutions for our customers.

It is apparent that they have a drive to be innovative, which we appreciate a lot. Our expectations were more than met. Thank you!”


Céline Zaugg
Project Manager at Optiswiss

” Working with Ditar is working with a team that knows what is going on in the ophthalmic sector. They understand very quickly what you want and they can translate it seemingly easy in a ready-to-use technology.

If you consider digitalizing your ophthalmic customer journey I certainly would recommend them. ”


Kurt Leuridan
CEO of Tokai

“We loved working with Ditar: their flexibility to build a game-changer tool with us has been awesome! Their knowledge in UX is also a major asset.”


Guillaume Blanchard
Founder & CEO of Sixty Sixty