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Experience interactive and immersive virtual try-on glasses.

With adn°°, the brand experience takes a completely different turn.

Brand experience is a fundamental aspect of experiential marketing. This is a particularly good angle of attack for eyewear players. Indeed, he collects all the feelings of the customers to form a strong bond between him and the brand. Thus, this axis should not be neglected in order to retain your customers! We, Ditar, are fully aware of this. This is why our key solutions include innovative applications such as adn°°.


–   With adn°°, the brand experience takes a completely different turn.

–   Strengthen your brand experience with interactive features.

–   Ditar: let’s innovate together in the eyewear sector.

Unique virtual try-on app and strong customer connection.

adn°°, initiates a revolutionary movement for eyewear brands! This app is one of a kind. Indeed, the eyewear selection experience is kicked into high gear. By linking brands and customers like never before, this solution creates a very strong emotional connection that is highly appreciated by our B2C audience.

In short, what makes adn°° the new brand experience benchmark for optical brands?

Customer experience: The application gives users complete freedom in choosing their frames. Navigation becomes a pleasant, enriching and ergonomic experience.

Selection: The eyewear selection experience reaches new heights. adn°° allows eyewear lovers to choose from thousands of elegant models. The precision of the frames chosen for users corresponds to the standard of technology that we are aiming for.

Partners of choice: This brand new virtual eyewear fitting application brings together the trendiest brands on the market. It is intended for all those manufacturers wishing to work hand in hand, on the same platform.

Strengthen your brand experience with interactive features

What would the eyewear market look like if fashion didn’t exist? We believe that technology is a major contributor to this sector, thanks to the transformation of the customer experience it imposes. Nevertheless, our digital solutions are just as focused on the trendy aspect of eyewear. We understand that what customers want is to wear glasses they love!

This is why we develop digital e-commerce platforms. Increasing our customers’ conversion rates is what we fight for every day. To do this, we have merged all our expertise in the complex optical sector into a simple and completely digital solution. Product information sheets, 3D visualization, virtual fitting of glasses, face test, pupillary distance measurement: everything is there to pique the interest of your customers and make them loyal customers.

In addition, we have a vision for your business tomorrow. A broader, more cohesive, more loyal consumer base. For this, we offer tailor-made services, as well as key solutions!

Innovate with us in the eyewear industry.

At Ditar, we’re proud to offer a unique value proposition that combines cutting-edge augmented reality technology with a commitment to revolutionizing the eyewear industry. As an industry leader, we work closely with eyewear manufacturers to provide innovative solutions that improve the customer experience, both through development and ongoing refinement.

But our vision for your business doesn’t stop there. We also offer tailored services and key solutions to help you build a broader, more cohesive, and more loyal consumer base. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve with the latest tech, or simply seeking to enhance your existing offerings, we’re here to help you succeed.