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“Show Don’t Tell”: Enhancing Eyewear Shopping with Augmented Reality Innovation.

Empowering Eyewear Shopping with


At Ditar, we are excited to announce our collaboration with nexeye, a leading retail platform, in introducing the innovative app “Show Don’t Tell.” This groundbreaking project marks a significant leap forward in the eyewear retail industry, bringing innovative augmented reality technology to enhance the shopping experience.

“Show Don’t Tell” is more than just an app – it’s a game-changer in the way customers interact with eyewear. By harnessing the power of augmented reality, the app allows users to visualize lens options, colors, and frame styles like never before. This innovative approach empowers customers to make informed decisions and enhances overall satisfaction.

Partnership with nexeye

Our collaboration with nexeye has been instrumental in bringing “Show Don’t Tell” to life. Together, we share a vision of enhancing customer satisfaction and experience through digital innovation. Nexeye’s commitment to retail excellence aligns perfectly with our goal of revolutionizing the eyewear shopping journey.

Since its launch, “Show Don’t Tell” has been rolled out in all Hans Anders and Direkt Optik AB stores. The positive feedback from both customers and store employees has been overwhelming, further fueling our ambition to expand its availability. Plans are already in motion to introduce the app to eyes + more stores in the near future, extending its reach to even more customers.

The AR Difference

Augmented reality technology lies at the heart of “Show Don’t Tell,” making it stand out in a crowded marketplace. Unlike traditional eyewear shopping experiences, which often lack visual representation, AR brings products to life in a virtual environment. This innovative approach not only enhances customer engagement but also streamlines the decision-making process.

With “Show Don’t Tell,” customers can explore different lens options, experiment with colors, and try on various frame styles – all in real-time. This interactive experience bridges the gap between imagination and reality, providing customers with a holistic view of their potential eyewear choices.

Enhancing Eyewear Shopping

With “Show Don’t Tell,” the eyewear shopping journey transcends traditional limitations. The app’s intuitive interface and augmented reality technology enable customers to immerse themselves in a personalized exploration of lens options, colors, and frame styles.

This interactive experience elevates the shopping process, allowing customers to visualize their selections in real-time and make informed decisions with confidence. By bridging the gap between imagination and reality, “Show Don’t Tell” sets a new standard for excellence in eyewear shopping, empowering customers to discover their perfect pair with ease and precision.

By visually providing customers with a preview of possible eyewear options, they can much better discern which choices suit them based on lifestyle and appearance.

Yves van Hest

Director Business Development at nexeye

Meet nexeye:

Nexeye is a dynamic platform of retail companies comprising three value-for-money brands operating across five European countries.

Hans Anders, established 40 years ago, boasts 407 shops offering eye and hearing care services in the Netherlands and Belgium. The chain has earned accolades, including two ABN AMRO Retailer of the Year awards in 2023, recognizing its excellence in audiology and webshop optics.

eyes + more, the fastest-growing optical chain in Europe, operates 282 branches across Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Belgium. Focused on providing affordable yet fashionable eye care, eyes + more caters to diverse customer needs.

Direkt Optik, with 36 stores across Sweden, distinguishes itself with a unique 3-for-1 offer and is renowned for the expertise and service of its qualified opticians.

Together, nexeye and its affiliated brands employ over 4,000 dedicated professionals, united in their commitment to delivering high-quality eye care services and products. Owned by British investor 3i, Nexeye continues to expand its presence and influence in the optical retail sector, setting new standards of excellence across Europe.

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