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The Art of Customizing Glasses: Where Technology Meets Craftsmanship

Innovating Eyewear Personalization: Ditar & MARKUS T

At Ditar, we are committed to pioneering the forefront of technological innovation within the eyewear industry. Our partnership with MARKUS T, renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation, has yielded a revolutionary web application that redefines the art of customizing glasses.

This cutting-edge platform harnesses the power of advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, seamlessly blending the realms of digital innovation and craftsmanship. It offers users an immersive and lifelike experience, allowing them to personalize and virtually try on glasses with unprecedented realism and precision.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Immersive Customization
The configurator’s immersive customization experience allows users to tailor every aspect of their glasses. From the bridge and temples to rings and add-ons, each component can be personalized with various color options. Advanced 3D rendering technology provides real-time visual feedback, making the customization process engaging and satisfying.

Seamless Virtual Try-On
The virtual try-on feature utilizes AR to let users see exactly how different frames look on their face in real-time. Compatible with Apple devices, it provides a precise representation of size and fit, helping users make confident decisions. This feature significantly enhances the shopping experience, offering a true-to-life preview of the final product.

Realistic 3D Modeling
The configurator’s 3D modeling provides an accurate and authentic representation of the glasses. Each model is meticulously sized and optimized for realism, allowing users to visualize the final product with confidence. This realistic preview enhances the decision-making process, ensuring user satisfaction.

Experience the Future of Eyewear Customization


This configurator is not just an advanced tool; it is a transformative experience for the eyewear industry. By offering an interactive, realistic, and user-friendly customization platform, it significantly enhances customer engagement and satisfaction. For eyewear brands, integrating such technology can provide a competitive edge, increase conversion rates, and foster greater brand loyalty.

“Ditar grasp complex issues quickly and translate them into user-friendly, cutting-edge technology – true to our motto: The beauty of precision technology lies in every detail.”


Markus Temming
Founder and CEO of MARKUS T


Handmade Excellence: Each pair of MARKUS T glasses is meticulously crafted in Germany, ensuring unparalleled quality. Located in a redeveloped grain distillery in Isselhorst near Gütersloh, the unique atmosphere fosters authenticity and innovation.

Unique Features: The patented screwless hinge, particularly notable in the DOT collection, showcases sophisticated engineering in a minimalist design. Materials like TMi and titanium provide durability, recyclability, and anti-allergenic properties.

Patented Dyeing Processes: MARKUS T glasses feature vibrant, long-lasting colors thanks to patented dyeing processes. These processes highlight the individuality and advanced technology of each frame, ensuring that every pair is a true masterpiece.

Learn more about MARKUS T link.